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Press Review • Celebrating the Luxembourg apple

Press Review • Celebrating the Luxembourg apple

Throughout the year, Celebrating Luxembourg profiles the people who contribute positively to the grand duchy’s international reputation.

Natalie Gerhardstein: Can you sum up in a few sentences what you do for a living?
Carlo Hein: I’ve been working in our family business in sustainable real estate since 1996. We’ve built up renewable energy in Luxembourg, including the first wind farm and solar park, and some service companies related to renewable energy and real estate. I also have a company producing Luxembourg cider.

If you could highlight three major dates in your life, what would they be?
Joining the family business in October 1996 marked me. After completing my education, having my experience in other companies, I really wanted to join [my family business] and become an entrepreneur. Another special date is spring 1997, the inauguration of our first wind farm in Mompach because it was a project completed by the second generation of the family. It was something completely new and was in renewable energy, something we could be proud of. The third date will be 16 June 2017, the launch of the Ramborn Cider Haff [a centre devoted to Luxembourg apples and cider making]. My family, the Ramborn team and farmers and community in Born all supported the centre, and it will be [...] Read the full interview here on Delano.