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Press Review • Protecting Luxembourg’s orchards

Press Review • Protecting Luxembourg’s orchards

Orchards are more than just a group of trees: they are biotopes, living habitats for a variety of plant and animals species. Carlo Hein is well aware of this fact: long before he started producing cider and perry, he was working in sustainable real estate, building up Luxembourg’s renewable energy network with wind farms and solar parks.

But the orchards in Born, where the Ramborn Cider Haff (farm centre) is located, are particularly special for him, as he grew up just around the corner. Seeing the fruit falling to the ground and not being used--partly due to distilleries dwindling--was one of the inspirations behind his starting cider and perry production in the first place.

However, over the years the orchards have changed. “Orchards always surrounded the villages, but as populations grew and villages expanded, orchards tended to decline due to growth and construction,” he says.

What’s more, until around the 1930s, he estimates, drinking cider was quite normal, but demand lagged, even if cider was [...] Read the full article here on Delano.