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I am of legal drinking age
in my country of residence


Pleiner Mostbirne

130,00 / year

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LU74 years old

What do I get?

  • 20% off all Ramborn drinks at the Ramborn Cider Haff
  • Exclusive early-bird access to limited edition products
  • Invitation to special events all year long
  • To share in Ramborn's positive impact by directly supporting our work in traditional meadow orchards

Where does the money go?

This money will go directly towards orchard renovation work and supporting farmers with these efforts.
All money will be earmarked in a special account, and can only be spent on traditional meadow orchard renovation and planting.

Activities include...

  • Direct investment into renovation and planting of traditional meadow orchards
  • Scouting for trees and land for renovation and planting
  • Supporting farmers to prioritise meadow orchard agriculture

All work to be carried out by Ramborn and selected third parties


By adopting this tree for one year you will:

Remove 16.44 Kg from the atmosphere

Reduce food waste by 1.872 g

Protect 64 m2 of richly biodiverse habitat for 365 days